How to use the App for Client

Simple, flexible, and predictable pricing. After your trial is up, gain access to unlimited features with one of the pricing plans below.

Make sure your browser is the latest version, Google Chrome is recommended,

Tap on client link, tap on new user, enter your mobile number omitting the 0 request OPT, enter your name  password and OPT code sent via SMS, you now should be set to use the App

Use on other platforms

This app is designed to operate on other platforms, such as, Android, Apple, windows, tablets, so it is important that you keep your password safe.

Price calculator

The price calculator gives you an estimated fare for your guidance, and the driver will determine the final fare.
To see an estimated fare do the following,


Check your location is correct, enter your destination, tap on taxi, check this is a non meter taxi, you will see the estimated price of your ride.