Appataxi® for Drivers

This APP allows the driver to be totally independent, you can login as and when you choose or in between jobs,the online and offline button gives you full control of jobs which will allow you to dictate when you want to work.

An easy to use App which allows the customer to choose there own preferred vehicle and driver.

Send Message

Text box this allows you to send a message to the customer when hired.

Login Button

Login button, this logs you in to the APP at the start of the day.


Set mark as successful button, this controls the current job.

Online / Offline

Online offline button keeps the APP open, but allows you to go offline.

Call Client

Call client allows you to call customer should you need to contact them.

Near by driver

Near by driver this gives you a list of nearest drivers which you can call direct by just tapping on the driver nearest to your location for help or advise.

How it works.

When a customer hires you an icon will appear on the map in the shape of a mannequin just tap on the icon and follow the prompts, once you have confirmed the booking then proceed, once job has been completed mark as successful.

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